Lecture Recording System


ReCap is a lecture and event-recording service available at Newcastle University. 

It allows audio and visual material including the lecturer's voice, presentation slides, visualised documents and objects to be recorded and published online in an automated, easy-to-use process.  

Newcastle University staff and students can find information on ReCap and how to use it on this site.

To book a ReCap recording click here.

ReCap is now running a brand new version with improved video playback! Click here for an introductory video.  

ReCap Access Problems

Some students are experiencing problems accessing ReCap recordings.  Please see the advice on the issue for staff and for students.

Chrome Users & Silverlight

Some users are having problems with the Microsoft Silverlight plugin whilst viewing ReCap recordings in the Google Chrome web browser.

There is a fix detailed below. However, if you are using a Mac, this fix will not work and you will need to use a different browser such as Safari or Firefox.

For other users, you can resolve this issue by right-clicking on the jigsaw icon and selecting "run this plugin". For more information on how to resolve this permanently please click here.

If you are using Chrome version 42 or above (Chrome -> About Chrome will show the version) then you will need to change a setting in order to run Silverlight.

In the browser address bar type: 'chrome://flags' (without quotes) and then then find the section below:


Click 'Enable' and you will then be prompted to restart the browser.


Please note that the information on this website currently addresses the ReCap service at the Newcastle University UK campus and not the ReCap service used at the NUMed campus in Malaysia.  If you use the service at NUMed please feel free to use this website for information but if you have specific queries that are not covered please email recap@ncl.ac.uk for assistance.  

 PowerPoint Slides Font

When creating your presentations in PowerPoint please be aware that Panopto (the system used by ReCap) is not able to identify custom fonts. If you use a custom font, when the recording is processed it will select a default font and may change the look of your slides.

Green Screen problem highlighted in some ReCap recordings

There have been a few isolated incidents reported where ReCap recordings have processed with blank green slides. This is due to a clash with the HDCP configuration settings in the Extron switchers and some models of Macbook. The HDCP configuration stops Blu-Ray images of being recorded. Unfortunately this stops some Macbook displays from being recorded too. All future installations will have this setting disabled and work is being done to get this removed from all Extrons across campus.

If a recording features blank green slides, please contact us via recap.support@ncl.ac.uk, stating the room/s this has occured. We will then rectify the situation so that recordings will be successful.