Booking & Cancellation

ReCap Booking Management System

ReCap recording schedules for all timetabled sessions are now controlled via the ReCap Booking Management System. For a guide on how to use this, please click here

Please note, this system controls bookings for an entire module, and is not unique to individual user preferences. 

From semester two 2016 all schools will automatically have their sessions recorded unless they have chosen to opt out. Either way, individuals can check if their sessions are set to record by using the ReCap Booking Management System.

One-off Events

For one-off events (e.g. Public lectures, induction week presentations, conferences), please use this form. This must be submitted at least 5 working days before the event.


To cancel a one off event, please use this form.

To cancel a timetabled session, please use the ReCap Booking Management System.

Deletion of a Recording

If you are not happy with a recording for any reason, you can request that it be deleted by emailing