ReCap Personal Capture Software

As part of the expansion of the service the University has acquired a software version of the system that can be installed on staff computers to allow recordings to be made, uploaded and edited while sitting at your own desk. 

The software is similar to other packages that allow screen and audio capture such as Camtasia, Quicktime X and Snapz Pro but has the benefit of recordings being processed and stored securely in the same way as ReCap recordings made in lecture theatres.

Ways in which the software has been used so far include:

  • To record pre-lecture materials
  • To record additional material to support lectures or seminars
  • To provide a response to student queries
  • To provide feedback on assignments or exams
  • To provide administrative information for students, e.g. information about module choices, placement details, financial information
  • To provide training materials for staff or students, e.g. training in a software package

How to obtain the software

We have a campus wide licence for the software so there is no additional cost for the software however you will need a microphone - either one built into the computer you intend to use or a separate microphone or webcam.  The software can be used on either Mac or PC.

If you would like to use the ReCap Personal capture software please contact the ReCap Team at recap@ncl.ac.uk

Guidance and Support

For support or training please contact Carol Summerside at carol.summerside@ncl.ac.uk or for technical queries please email recap@ncl.ac.uk.