How to use ReCap

For basic information on how to use ReCap please see our video guides section.  The videos cover how to book, cancel and edit ReCap recordings. There are also videos detailing how to make your recordings available through Blackboard.

Current Issues

Some lecturers are currently receiving emails from ReCap Support asking them to 'grant access' for students to ReCap recordings.  This error is normally caused by browser cookies, authorisation choices, or problems accessing ReCap recordings for those studying joint modules.  We are currently working to resolve any underlying issues and stop these emails from being sent.  If you are receiving them you can do any of the following:

- Inform us of the issue at 

- Point any students having problems to this guide on our website to show them how to get round the issue

- Ignore or filter the emails

The emails tend to look like this:

-----Original Message-----

From: ReCap Support

Sent: 04 October 2013 14:03

To: XXXXXXX (all lecturers attached to module)

Subject: [Panopto] Request: Bb-Live\bXXXXXX has requested access to "ENG2008_ENG2010_ENG2011/L02/01 Thu Oct 03 11:05:00 BST 2013"

The user Bb-Live\bXXXXXX has requested access to the session titled "ENG2008_ENG2010_ENG2011/L02/01 Thu Oct 03 11:05:00 BST 2013".  To grant them access simply click the link below.

If you are not logged into Panopto, you will be asked to login before you can grant this user access.


General Information

ReCap is an automated event recording and delivery system enabling audio and visual material to be made available online. It is available to all Newcastle University staff to support their learning and teaching activities.  

ReCap has been designed to capture live lectures but staff have also used it to record generic feedback, pre and post lecture materials, public lectures and conferences.

Staff are not required to use ReCap if they do not wish to or feel the content of their teaching is not suitable for recording. Staff are invited to read the full ReCap Policy if they have any concerns.

ReCap in Lecture Theatres

The ReCap system in lecture theatres is primarily designed for automated recording of traditional lectures.  It is not intended to replace student attendance at live lectures.

The system records the output of the data projector along with the lecturer's voice.  Anything played via the DVD player will not be captured for copyright reasons.

No video camera is present so the face of the presenter and any use of traditional whiteboards, blackboards and OHP projectors will not be captured.

Please check the Venues section to see all ReCap enabled teaching spaces.

ReCap - Personal Capture Software

The ReCap Personal Capture software can be used to record anything that is displayed on the computer on which the software is installed, audio via a microphone and video via a webcam. Staff who have used the system so far have recorded supplementary materials, feedback, pre and post lecture materials, software tutorials and administrative information.  It can also be used to flip the classroom.

If you are interested in using the personal capture software please see the PCap webpage for more details.

Panopto/Turning Point Clash

You may find that your Powerpoint presentation crashes when you try to open it. This is due to a conflict between the Turning Point software and the ReCap system. If you find your presentation is crashing please carry out the following steps:


1. Locate the Turning Point shortcut on your desktop screen and open the program.

2. Once the software has opened, navigate to the Preferences menu which can be found in the bottom right have corner of the window.

3. Once in the Preferences menu, tick the box for the option 'Add-In Always Loaded'.

4. Exit the program and launch the Powerpoint.