Single letter amino acid codes

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The single letter amino acid codes are fairly easy to remember. In eleven cases it is just the first letter.

A Ala Alanine
C Cys Cysteine
G Gly Glycine
H His Histidine
I Ile Isoleucine
L Leu Leucine
M Met Methionine
P Pro Proline
S Ser Serine
T Thr Threonine
V Val Valine

And in 9 cases it not:

D Asp Aspartate
E Glu Glutamate
F Phe Phenylalanine
K Lys Lysine
N Asn Asparagine
Q Gln Glutamine
R Arg Arginine
W Trp Tryptophan
Y Tyr Tyrosine

If you who wish to test their knowledge of the single letter amino acid codes there is a little test available online (it gives random questions so you can try it as many times as you like). The test can be found at:

(Please note: it can only be accessed on campus, through ras or whilst using vpn.)

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