Breast cancer

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Breast cancer occurs when cells start to grow without stopping and this process becomes uncontrolled. The kind of breast cancer depends on which cells in the breast turn into cancer. Besides, this disease may appear in different regions of the breast (e.g. ducts, lobules or connective tissue). Usually, it takes place in the ducts and lobules. When cancer cells spread into various parts of the body through blood or lymph system, new tumours are formed (metastatic tumors)[1].

Kinds of Breast Cancer:

Invasive ductal carcinoma. In this type of cancer cells begin to grow in milk ducts. Besides, cells can be found outside the duct in fibrous tissues of the breast. It is known as the most common kind of breast cancer.

  1. Invasive lobular carcinoma. The cancer cells are found in the lobules (where they begin their development). Later cells spread to the lymph system to different areas of the body.


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