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Epithelial cells are a group of tightly compressed cells that layers itself on the internal and external surfaces of bodily organs and other surfaces found in the body, these cells are collectively also referred to as a tissue called epithelium.[1]

These cells function as the layer which separates the inside of the body from the outside environment. They are necessary as different environments are made from various compositions, and the mixing of them can cause many problems. Epithelial cells can be found in the intestine, skin, lungs and kidney amongst other things.

Epithelial membranes are classified as either cuateous (relating to the skin), mucous, or serous. Mucous membranes, which line all cavities that are open the external environment, include the digestive and respiratory tract. Serous membranes, which are not open to the external environment, line the abdominal and thoracic cavities.[2]


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