Haworth projection

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The Haworth Projection is a way in which cyclic carbohydrates structure is presented.

This structure allows the naming of these carbohydrates allowing you to understand their three-dimensional structure, with only a two-dimensional representation. When on the carbohydrate is facing upwards on C5 the molecule is a L carbohydrate; when the hydrogen is facing downwards the molecule in a D carbohydrate.

The naming of carbohydrates also includes the position of the attached molecules on the C1 and C5 molecule. If the same molecule attached to the C1 and C5 molecules are both facing the same way so rather both upwards or both downwards the carbohydrate is a β carbohydrate; if the same molecule is facing different ways on C1 and C5 so one is facing upwards and one is facing downwards the carbohydrate is an α carbohydrate.

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