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OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man; is a compilation of genes and genetic phenotypes in humans. The website was created in 1995 by NCBI, but the database was first created in the 1960s by Dr. Victor A. McKusick. McKusick created the database for doctors and scientists, to allow them to research genetic disorders, and was available as a book titled 'Mendelian Inheritance in Man'. Today, OMIM contains information on over 12,000 genes and all genetic disorders known to exhibit Mendelian inheritance.

Using OMIM

One way to use OMIM to click on the link on the Related Information menu of the result of a BLAST search. This takes you to the OMIM page for the protein you searched for. Each entry has a six-digit identification number, the first digit depends on the location of the gene.

Some identification numbers contain preceding numbers: An asterisk indicates a gene; a hash is a description of a phenotype, not a unique locus; a plus sign is a phenotype and a description of a gene which has been sequenced; and a percent sign means the molecular basis for the phenotype is not currently known [1].


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