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This is a Wiki of biomedical science definitions and information and has been produced by the students of the [ School of Biomedical Sciences] at [ Newcastle University].  The project was started in October 2010. The pages have been created and edited by second year undergraduate students taking part in the Informatics Practical in CMB2005, and by first year students as part of the BGM1001: Biochemistry module.
Please consult the [ User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
Additional [[Help:Contents|help]] is also available as part of the wiki, and there are also a number of help videos available (see below).
== Getting started  ==
*Getting started '[ cheat sheet]'
*A getting started [ website] (specifically for this wiki)
*[[Help:Contents|Wiki Help]]<br>
*Wiki Help Videos:<br>
**Search - [ video]
**Login - [ video]
**Page creation - [ video]
**Page editing - [ video]
**Adding references - [ video]
**Uploading files/images - [ video]<br>
**Advanced editing and wiki management - [ video]
*Avoiding [[Plagiarism|plagiarism]]
*"Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia" - [ link]
If you have any additional problems please contact [ Dr Nick Morris]

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