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Veins are blood vessels which carry [[deoxygenated blood|deoxygenated blood]] from body tissues back to the [[heart|heart]] and [[lungs|lungs]]. In the lungs, the deoxygenated blood is reoxygenated through [[Gaseous exchange|gaseous exchange]] in the [[Alveoli|alveoli]].
See [[Vein|Vein]]
=== The structure of Veins  ===
Veins are made of thin walls of [[Smooth muscle|smooth muscle]], and [[Endothelial tissue|endothelial tissue]]<ref> 28/10/2017</ref>. They also contain valves, which assist in moving blood at low pressure against the force of gravity back to the heart, in order to be recirculated through the lungs<ref>, 28/10/2017</ref>. [[Image:Vein_med.jpg|369x265px]]
=== References  ===
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See Vein

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