About ReCap

ReCap is an interactive lecture capture resource which captures audio and visual material and makes it available online. It is available to all Newcastle University staff to support their learning and teaching activities. 

ReCap is used primarily to record live learning events however it can also be used it to record additional learning and teaching materials such as feedback, pre and post-lecture materials, public lectures and conferences.

There are two ways recordings can be made:-

1. Pre-scheduled in-venue recording

    • ReCap is available in all centrally supported teaching spaces and many school-owned rooms; recordings are scheduled in advance
    • Recordings start and stop automatically within the booked teaching space however there is limited control available in-venue
    • Completed recordings will automatically publish to the relevant module folder in the VLE for release to students and users can edit recordings including the addition of quizzes

2. Personal Capture recording (PCap)

    • PCap is a self-service recording system for use on personal devices
    • Recording are manually started and stopped by the user and are published to a Personal Capture folder until manually moved elsewhere
    • Users can edit recordings including the addition of quizzes.

Please note that ReCap is provided to be used where appropriate to the learning event and staff can choose to cancel recordings if they feel the content of their teaching is not appropriate for recording. 

The ReCap Policy and booking process provide further information.