Student Guide

ReCap resources are created by your lecturers to provide valuable additional learning resources. Any recordings made for you will usually be made available via the Virtual Learning Environment i.e. Blackboard or the LSE.

Student users of ReCap have reported that they find recordings particularly useful:-

  • for revision purposes
  • to add to their notes
  • to revisit difficult topics

See the Student Use of ReCap at Newcastle University report for more information.

Important things to remember:-

    1. ReCap is not intended as a replacement for attending live lectures - you are still expected to attend all of your timetabled sessions.

    2. Not all aspects of the session are recorded by ReCap (e.g. anything written on whiteboards and group work activities) therefore it may not be possible to gain all the information you need by only watching the ReCap recording

    3. Not all teaching sessions will be recorded and there are a number of reasons for this including:-


          Lecturers may not choose to record their sessions if the content or delivery is not appropriate
        • Lecturers may decide to only make their recordings available during a certain period of time (e.g. revision periods)
        • In team-taught modules, one lecturer may choose to record their lectures whilst another might not
        • The session may have taken place in a teaching rooms which isn't ReCap enabled
        • There may have been a technical fault in-venue which may have prevented a recording from taking place

    If you have any questions please contact the ReCap Support Team.