Latest Information

Updating PCap for Mac version 6.0

There is a known bug when users of PCap for Mac are prompted to update their PCap software to the latest version. Users need to uninstall the previous version and then reinstall 6.0 before they can use the software.

Instructions on how to uninstall PCap can be found here

To download the latest version of PCap please visit this page.

Important information for PowerPoint Presentations given using Microsoft SharePoint in ReCap

Please be aware that if you are delivering a PowerPoint presentation using Microsoft SharePoint that doing so will stop the software from processing the slide metadata and result in both slides and slide chapters not being available for recordings.

We advise all users to save the PowerPoint file locally onto the Teaching PC in-venue (or onto your local hard drive if using PCap), to be opened and operated from there for optimal capture.

Creating captions for ReCap recordings with MS Stream

It is possible to create captions for your ReCap recordings using the MS Stream software which is available as part of the Microsoft Office 365 package.

Guidance documentation for using MS Stream to create captions for ReCap recordings can be found here.