How Students use ReCap

A research excercise was undertaken in 2017 by the Newcastle University Student Union (NUSU) to understand how students at Newcastle University use ReCap, how satisfied they are with the provision and the wide range of benefits they get from ReCap.

The research comprised three specific surveys:-

  1. All students
  2. Students with disabilities
  3. Students who compete (i.e. play University sport)

Student use of ReCap PDF 831Kb

Results from the research show that:-

  • 67% of all students are satisfied with the provision of ReCap within their course
  • 85% of students with disabilities use ReCap frequently as a revision tool
  • 51% of students who compete are influenced by provision of ReCap as to whether they do or don't partake in sports

Please read the report above for more detailed information.