Vision and Policy

‌ReCap as part of the Student’s Personal Learning Journey:
the five-year strategy for lecture capture at Newcastle University.

Vision in a sentence:

ReCap will become an interactive resource that supports a student's personal learning journey in ways that enhance their interactions with recorded learning events.


The following strategy is designed to create goal posts for the next five years for the Lecture Capture Provider and the ReCap team at Newcastle University in terms of development and implementation. The timeline for realisation of these objectives is within a five-year period in toto and before the next request for tender. Given the multiple stakeholders involved and the dependency upon deliverable technology in this journey it would be unreasonable to set individual target dates for each of the sections. This document uses the term ‘learning event’ to mean a lecture, a student-led presentation, an assessment, or similar activity where there is a knowledge exchange. The following core values are designed for the benefit of a student’s personal learning journey whilst studying at Newcastle University. A member of staff may elect to use these features as appropriate to their delivery (for example, within blended learning) but they do not presume to increase the workload for the person whose learning event is being recorded.

Consultation Pathway

Core Values:

ReCap at Newcastle University will

1. RESPECT the diversity of presentation
2. be dynamically INTERACTIVE, and
3. EMPOWER the student with learning tools.

Core Values in detail:

ReCap at Newcastle University will

1. RESPECT the diversity of presentation

a. There will be an explicit option for the choice of streams within the learning event (for example, audio, slides, and live annotation) with the minimum being audio capture for all sessions.
b. There will be the ability to import materials into ReCap recordings. For example, pre-recorded videos, images, and sound.
c. There will be the facility for the presenter to record an audio commentary over the learning event content for the purposes of embellishment or assessment.

2. be dynamically INTERACTIVE

a. The system will enable the embedding of materials for flipped learning. For example, interactive learning materials.
b. The system will enable self-service upload of video by the student for the purposes of communal discussion or formative assessment.
c. The service will include searchability of the audio and/or a text search for the purposes of targeted learning.

3. EMPOWER the student with learning tools.

a. Students will be able to annotate ReCapped videos for post-event group discussion.
b. Students will be able to create playlists from multiple lecture captures in a single file, thereby taking sections of recordings and creating a video cribsheet.
c. Staff and students will be able to track learning gain. For example, through definable engagement of interaction during learning events, through interactive elements in ReCap, and through the assessment of materials provided in the recorded sessions.

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