Consonants (ExtIPA symbols)

(voiceless labiodental plosive)

Bilabial Labiodental Dentolabial Labioalv. Linguolabial Interdental Bidental Alveolar Velar Velophar.
  t̪͆ d̪͆        
Fricative: central
    θ̼ ð̼ θ̪͆ ð̪͆ h̪͆ ɦ̪͆     ʩ
Fricative: lateral + central
              ʪ ʫ    
Fricative: nareal
ʬ           ʭ      
Approximant: lateral


Click the symbols in the chart to load videos of its production by both a male and female speaker. Play a video by clicking anywhere in the video screen area. Due to the inconsistent display of IPA symbols online, it is advisable to have a printed copy of the charts to hand when using these resources.

There are no videos for the symbols in grey, either because they were too difficult to produce (e.g. the linguolabial or the interdental trill), or because the sounds are covered in the main IPA chart under different symbols (e.g. the set of fricative nareals here are in essence voiceless nasals covered in the diacritics section, but their inclusion here is meant to signal a case of realising a target voiced nasal as devoiced, potentially due to vocal cord malfunction or to a malfunction in some other area in the vocal tract).