Children under the Nazis

What was it like to be a child during Nazi rule?

World War II and the Holocaust cost more than 50 million people their lives, including two thirds of all European Jews and many Roma and Sinti. Of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust, 1.5 million were children. Countless more who survived were also affected by Nazi rule.

And yet, when teaching and learning about the Holocaust and the Third Reich, the focus of attention is rarely on the children: history is made by adults.

This website, by contrast, concentrates on the range of children's experiences under the Nazis.

The website was developed to provide global access to an exhibition on "Children under the Nazis" and cognate teaching materials. Users will find a range of additional material: photos, children's testimonies from the time, and historical background information. Educational institutions can borrow the exhibition panels, worksheets, and a glossary for free, but please note that borrowing institutions need to arrange and pay for transportation of the exhibition panels.

This site is mainly aimed at secondary schools.